The Power of an Unanswered Question

At certain points of our journey, the big questions come up. You know, the ones that start with “why”.

If there’s one thing we like, it’s closure. It’s what makes puzzles so satisfying – our minds virtually itch until we’ve found a solution. However satisfying this is, the bigger questions rarely fall neatly into this category. Questions like “why am I here”, or “who am I” that undergird our life’s work and direction.

We may get discouraged when reflecting at our past or evaluating our future and seeing that it lacks the substance we want it to have. Or, we may be enthralled by the possibilities and encouraged by the ways we’ve seen growth in the past. However, there is a powerful place between these two poles. Tension is what creates amazing beauty all throughout our world. Everything is pushed and pulled in some way – air pressure creating sound, pulses of photons creating light, a heart pumping blood and sustaining life. Resolving to keep exploring, yet admitting we’ll never fully know is staying in that tension that propels us forward.

Sometimes questions are enough. They can be savoured without knowing the answers. They are full of un-explored potential, and answering them definitively is to take away the continual journey of expanding and growing… of life.