Improving the Cycle

Often we’re caught up in cycles. Parts of our life that happen almost automatically. They can be a mix of positive and negative.

At certain points in the cycle we become irritated. That sore point is a clear indicator of what needs to change. Awareness is the first step to self-improvement. It requires us to step back and observe ourselves.

  1. How am I responding to this situation?
  2. What does that tend to result in?
  3. What result would I rather have?
  4. What’s required to get the better result?

Then we begin the journey of improvement. There are often failed attempts along the way, but as long as we keep the end goal in mind it doesn’t need to bother us.

Cycles are the small wheels that take us big distances over time. Just like a bicycle or car, the tires rotate many times before arriving at a destination. Each small decision we make today does matter. The results will build over time.

We determine a large part of our life by how we choose to respond to situations. We have the potential for change if only we see the power we possess at each step in the journey.