Making Progress When It’s Not Easy

After the initial excitement with something, how do you keep going? What happens when an obstacle comes up that takes the joy out of what you do? That’s the “between” place I find myself in from time to time. I’d like to share some tips for “making progress when it’s not easy”.

1. Taking Time Off

Have you noticed how being away from something for a while helps you see it with fresh eyes? Familiarity with something can turn into ignoring what makes it good. It’s the power of contrast – stare at the sunset for 30 minutes and you hardly notice it getting dark. But check the sky once every 30 minutes and the change is more noticeable.

Taking a break is a double advantage. It refreshes your perspective on the regular activity and the break activity. Both get the benefit of contrast.

2. Zooming Out

The obstacle is only as big as you are close to it. Take a few steps back and look at what else surrounds you. You’ve been through stuff before, you’ve come out the other end, there are people to help you, and techniques you’ve learned. You’ll get you through this, too. If you feel alone, find people that are experiencing the same problem.

3. Self Respect

Your inner dialogue has big influence on how good you feel. Acknowledge any problems, see them as lessons to improve with, and be kind to yourself.

To Wrap Up…

Those three strategies all combine into the central theme of “perspective”. The way you see something truly does become your reality.