Should I Tweak, or Redesign My Website?

You’re looking at your company’s website–maybe because a customer mentioned it, maybe because you already know it needs work. What’s going to get your company the best return on investment, some updates here and there, or an entirely new website?

Think of it like this – does your website represent your future or your past?

Does your current website represent where you want to go as a company, or does it look more like an archive of the past? It could be the difference between inspiring your customer to do business with you and positioning you as just another company.

To use an analogy, an effective website is like a well-maintained car–it needs to be fuelled up regularly to keep going. It also needs a checkup every so often, or it will deliver less efficiency over time. For a website, that means updating and adding new content regularly, plus having your web developer keep the software up to date to protect against security threats. Its useful life will be greatly extended if you take care of it. But at a certain point, its done its job, and you need a new one.

Which Road to Take

Do you customers still find your website useful? If not, a redesign is your best choice. If things aren’t too bad, some minor updates can keep the edge your business needs to be at its best.