Blog » January 2016

Should I Tweak, or Redesign My Website?

Posted in Businesses,Website Advice

You’re looking at your company’s website–maybe because a customer mentioned it, maybe because you already know it needs work. What’s going to get your company the best return on investment, some updates here and there, or an entirely new website? Think of it like this – does your website represent your future or your past? Does your current […]

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Adding Multiple Alias Domains to cPanel

Posted in Developers

When you have a large list of alias (parked) domains to add to cPanel,  it’s best to automate the process as much as possible. I recently added about 100 domains using this method, which only requires a few free tools. How to Bulk Add Alias Domains to cPanel Step 1 – Getting the URL cPanel uses URLs to […]

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