I’m a web developer & designer living in Winnipeg, MB. From early on I developed a deep curiosity for technical things, whether it be playing with Lego or having fun with Microsoft Paint. Living my early years in Abbotsford, BC gave me an appreciation for the diversity of nature, and I love to capture it through drawing.

I became inspired by the web and its possibilities in my teenage years and began to learn. Since then, I’ve developed over one hundred websites for many clients, from individuals to small and medium size businesses. With an eye for both the details and the big picture, I can provide the expertise to launch your web project successfully.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming, playing guitar, throwing together good food, and getting outdoors.


I’m out to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals to accomplish their purpose while accomplishing mine - that two way relationship leads to great things. The part I have to play is helping you communicate to your audience effectively, primarily online.


  1. My First Computer

    Finally a computer of my own! I put that Pentium 1 processor though its paces, that’s for sure. Many hours were spent drawing in Microsoft Paint, and conquering Vorticons in Commander Keen. I also got a taste of creating my own music with synthesizers, which kicked off an interest in electronic music.

  2. Began Freelancing Part-Time

    Starting out designing buttons, ads, and simple websites, I gained a couple long-term clients.

  3. Graduate of Digital Multimedia Technology Program (with honours)

    A two-year certificate program from Red River College in Winnipeg covering website design and development, filming and motion graphics, and 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation.

  4. Employed as Media Design & Development at Pixels Inc.

    I developed over fifty websites, most managed with WordPress, some with e-commerce. I also managed Pixels’ dedicated web hosting and created custom tools such as dealer locators, build-your-own product, specialized content management systems, and more.

  5. Freelancing Full-Time

  6. Employed as Media Design & Development at FB Industries Inc.

    I produced online and printed media for marketing efforts, including a full rebrand and 3D visualizations for product launches.

  7. Employed as Front-end Web Developer/Designer at Toews Consulting